Wrote this 3 years ago…funny how it hurts like hell to read.

Best friends…forever.

Last night was better. It felt normal having them by my side. Laughing with them, making fun of stupid people, bitching about all the people who have done us wrong lately. I missed it. As much as I dislike the large majority of girls, there’s a reason I need those few. They’re a vital part of my support system, and part of me just doesn’t function when they’re not active in my life. I love them<3

Best friends, I hope October treats us better than September did. This is our last year, I want to be tighter than ever so that when we graduate, no matter where we end up, I want us to be able to call/text each other for anything and everything. When some girl is on one of our boyfriends nuts, we need to be there to say she’s ugly..even if she’s not. If one of us gets a roommate who’s psycho like in that one movie, we need to be there to help that person move the fuck out. When we get married, we need to have the best bachlorette parties no matter what else is happening in our lives. We just need to be there for each other, the good and the bad. We’re lucky we have friends like each other, whether we see that all the time or not. This is our year. Let’s make the best of the time we have left, and prepare for a kick ass future.